About G-Land: Grajagan Bay lies on the east coast of the island of Java. It is situated in the Alas Purwo National Park. It can be accessed by land, but most commonly for surfers, by boat. With a reputation of being the most consistent left-hand break in the world, it attracts surfers from all over the world. There are 3 operational camps in G-Land; Jack’s Surf Camp, Bobby’s and Joyo’s (Jungle) Surf Camp. The Surfing Doctor’s accommodation and the clinic is located at Joyo’s. There are also numerous other surf breaks along the bay, such as Chicken’s, 20-20’s and Tiger Tracks. All the facilities and extras Joyo’s have are outlined on their website: http://g-land.com

Accommodation and accompanying partners/family We are currently operating at the camp at Joyo’s. They can be contacted through their website or on WhatsApp: +62 822 4725 1148. This is best discussed with the camp to negotiate your price. As with most things in Indonesia, the price is negotiable.

Currency You can pay with a card, usually after your stay or with cash while you are there. There is no ATM in the jungle, but there is EFTPOS.

What to bring Surfboards, wax, spare leg ropes and anything else you feel you would need in a remote location. It goes without saying, but please make sure you have your own travel insurance, and a copy of it and your next of kin contact details where it can be found (should something happen to you). Ding repair is available at the camp for reasonable prices.

We would suggest a board with a bit more length and volume for the G-land waves’ size and power.