Deep in a jungle nature reserve in Southeast Java, Indonesia. This is the main elective offered through Surfing Doctors. Please see our section on G-land for more information.

There are also opportunities at Macaroni’s in the Mentawais, but this is a full paying guest and Nias through the Friends of Nias organisation.

Fast boat from Bali – This is usually included as part of your package.

G-Land is not a great place to learn to surf, and these electives are not suited to people new to surfing. We would prefer students to be competent in overhead reef waves.

G-Land! One of the best, most consistent wave on the planet. However, aside from the infamous reef break, 3 additional reef breaks are great fun, less demanding waves.

We generally provide 2-4 week electives. We encourage you to also do part of your elective, either working in a hospital or for NGO in Indo. Aside from good experience, the other reasons for this are the many students we have wanting to come. As a medical student, you will have to pay to stay at G-Land, and depending on your budget, this can be pretty expensive.

Surfing Doctors provide a doctor to the camp to treat the guest of the 3 surf camps there. Most of the presentations are simple reef rash and minor lacerations. However, there is always the potential for more severe injuries. As a medical student, you will be expected to assist the doctor with their work. It is also the medical students’ role to keep the online stock list up to date. We also encourage you to do some sort of project or initiative that could benefit the Surfing Doctors Organisation or Surfing health in general. What you do is up to you.

We accept medical students in the final clinical years. The hope is that you will be able to treat many of the presentations competently with some supervision. We want the students who come to G-Land to make the most of the opportunity, so you need to be a competent surfer in overhead conditions over the reef. The most important thing is to work well with the doc and the patients and have the right attitude to survive in the jungle!

As a medical student, unfortunately, you have to pay to stay at G-Land. We are in the process of negotiating some sort of deal. Still, the basic package $650 a week, additional weeks are slightly less. This includes your transfers, accommodation, food, some drinks and transport to the waves. Deals can be negotiated directly with the camp owners depending on how long you stay, but that is up to you.

Your flights, your medical indemnity or insurance, or your epic photos of you getting barrelled that you are sure to get!

There is an online stock list. The infirmary is restocked by the doctors going out there. It is always good to email the doctor working there before you depart to see what we are low on. Donations from the patients are encouraged. If you have paid for supplies, you can reimburse yourself from the donations kitty. We can’t, however, guarantee how much will be there at any one time, though. Again, you could email the doc there nearer the time.

Yearly membership to the Surfing Doctors is $AUD 100. If you are not yet a member, you must pay for this before your trip. 100% of membership money goes to running the website and supplying the infirmary.

Also, we charge a $100 a week fee for the elective.

Feel free to contact me if there are further queries: Dr David Hateley:

Macaroni’s Resort and the Pagai Foundation.

The roster is run by surfing docs member Dr Eghardt Brandt: This is much more expensive and often booked out. 30 days at the camp is approximately $AUD9000 (plus your plane ticket) in low season and more in high season + your bar bill. There is no discount for medical students. Lagundri Bay, Nias, Indonesia.

Run by Dr Raf Ghabrial – contact him through the website. This is a clinic-based job. There are three to five 3-hour clinics a week. Accommodation is provided. It is a good spot for electives and opens for more months of the year. Accommodation is usually provided but if it isn’t available there is cheap accommodation in the local losmans for between $AUD30-70 a night including food.

Your supervisors will be happy to provide mentorship and career advice or put you in contact with someone in our group who may be a specialist in a career you are interested in

We suggest that you go and see your GP a few months before your elective to plan this. Most of our doctors make the personal choice not to take prophylaxis and wear long sleeves, and use repellant to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.

Indonesia is a conservative, primarily Muslim Country. While you can enjoy yourself and have a good time, please be wary of this and act respectfully in your interactions and dress. Also, you would be expected to have your own travel and medical indemnity insurance.

Send us through pictures to the emails and if you’re on Instagram, please find us on @surfingdoctors and tag us whenever you can so we can follow you or locate you.

Our Doctors have been involved in some severe stabilisation and transfers from surfing accidents like open-book pelvic fractures. Still, most of the injuries are reef rash, lacerations and urchins!

There will be an opportunity for 1-2 students to come along to the conference each year. If you are selected, we would expect you to complete a lecture or talk to the group (guidance will be provided).

If you qualify and think this elective is for you, please contact Dr David  Hateley:

Complete your profile and send pictures of you surfing to and cc it to and